PCB Software | What and How They Perform.

Printed Circuit Board is a mechanical board which holds multiple components that works differently on different purposes

This board connects every electrical component mechanically. This board supports those electrical components by linking them all with the board. The elements combine with the PCB Board with a lot of other equipments based on the design of the PCB Board.

Now, here comes the twist, to attach the components you must design the PCB Board first. On top of that design, electronic components are placed and then solder them all together to make it functional. If you have an understandable PCB Board with elements, but don’t have any design, then you can say that the board is useless.

And primarily for that design on that PCB Board, you need the PCB Software to design that. So, now I hope you got the importance of the PCB Software. There are lots of PCB design tools or software, yet it is pretty much hard to choose the best one and the precise on.

In this article, I am mentioning the top 8 best and the most used PCB Softwares. Therefore, it will make more easy for you to decide and get comfortable with any one of them. So let’s dive in.

Something More about PCB Software

Things You Need to Count While Investigating the PCB Softwares

There are multiple things you must count when you are choosing the design software for PCB. If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you go for the free versions first. There you can justify clearly and can judge well about what you need or what is missing. Some useful and essential needs are over here:

Robust Library

There are lots of critical libraries in the components required for the PCB Designs. You may face multiple types of errors while you build lots of elements initially. The errors may involve capturing by the tools of the program’s verification.

If you have a vast library, it will result in the lowest chance of error. Well! The more opportunity you have for fewer mistakes, the more reliable you will feel using the software. Therefore, engineers love to use the software’s which seems comfortable and stable for them. Who doesn’t love reliable software to use. So, make sure you use such software which has vast libraries.


The program or the platform you will be using must include a user interface which is very easy-to-navigate. One more thing, you must take care of the simplicity of that platform. It needs to be a lot easy and comfortable to learn the functions and the use of tools very quickly.

The software needs to be user-friendly. Therefore, the person who will be using the software doesn’t need to involve hours and hours behind the software to know the program’s usage. The programmer shouldn’t also jump to multiple libraries to get the bundles of design tools, libraries and much more. Make sure that the software attracts you and you should stay connected with the software.  

Better Established

There is minimal chance of risks with all the new designs as well as the unknown software programs. Therefore, you must go for such industries or such platforms which are well-known and adequately certified.

As you know, there are lots of new platforms which are opening and closing every day. Thus, don’t go for the risk, it may hamper your project. Go for the established one which will result from a good output.

PCB Softwares Must Include These Features

Nowadays, lots of PCB Softwares are there which involve a lot of features. A single software includes tons of features. But think it correctly, are they all useful? Do you feel compatible using all of these features? Well! Not. Sometimes most of the features result useless.

I would suggest you, to choose the PCB Software/platforms with limited features, but all the elements need to be useful. In other words, it will help you to use the software comfortably with all the features you need; you can easily include them.

With a lot of programs and features, software becomes heavier. I have mentioned some features which are most common and mostly needed for most of the PCB Software programmers. So instead of bothering any further, let’s dive in the deep:

  • To bind all the signals together, use the layer groups
  • Output support of the NC Drill and the Gerber RS-274X
  • The output of the PostSript as well as the Encapsulated PostScript
  • From the lists of the simple net, you can use the generation Rats-nest
  • Flags for the Vias and the Pins
  • DRC (Design Rule Checker) must need to be simple which will check all the rules of overlapping and the minimum spacing.
  • Editing and the layers of the solder-mask must need to be visible.
  • Snap to pads as well as the pins.
  • Default designs must include the layers of the 16 copper.
  • Software must need to be free for the beginner
  • The optimizer of the Trace
  • Verified Connectivity.

Well! These are all the Vital features a software should have. Like these, all elements are usable every time you go for designing a PCB Board. When you get a comfortable hand on all of these features, you will get the best practice in developing the PCB board.

Top 8 Best PCB Softwares

So far till now, I have described a lot of information about choosing the best PCB Softwares. All the information above will help you to select the PCB Softwares.

But right now, I will hand over you the best used, the best comfortable, the best-optimized PCB software. Don’t you think I am serious? Well! Yes, folks! I am handing you all the detailed necessities you need for designing a PCB Board. I hope, after reading this content, you will not have any further questions related to the PCB Software.

Zenit PCB Software

If you are interested in creating professional PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), then Zenit PCB software will be the best choice to design the layouts. Zenit Software is exceptionally comfortable and highly flexible to have better hands in the CAD programs. You will love to use the Zenit PCB Software as it is too much user-friendly.

If you use this software, you can easily recognize and realize the projects you will handle, within a brief period. With the help of this software, you can easily create any plan from the layout or the schematic capture. Try it one time.

Protel (Altium PCB Designer)

In the early 80s time of the 20th century, the PORTEL company introduced the PROTEL (CAD) software for the circuit design. This software was well known and highly ranked from all the other EDA Softwares. This software is complete on designing the circuits.

Most of the companies are using this software. There are some available courses about how to use it. PROTEL is the best option for the boards which is consists of a single layer or else double layer.

But using the PROTEL for four layers board is sturdy. Therefore, it would be better to use the software only for the two or single layer boards.

PCBWeb Designer Software

If you want to design or manufacture hardware of electronics, the PCBWeb application will be the best choice. PCBWeb Designing Software is entirely CAD free. With this software’s writing tool you can easily design the schematics multi-sheet very quickly.

With the PCBWeb design software, you can also route the boards of multi-layers to do the DRC checking, and copper pours. The parts catalog of the Digi-Key is also in racial balance along with the material manager’s bills.

PCB Artist

Since a long time, the PCB Artist is ruling the industry by handling the most widely active customers and delivering their products at the perfect time. They made a record as well by Manufacturing PCB Boards. PCB Artist is a software which is a lot reliable and user-friendly to all the engineers of electronics, who are looking for the automatic.

Most of the user loves to use the PCB Artist, as it is free and extremely compatible. Therefore, I will suggest you use this software if you are at the initial stage. As this software is a lot simple and user-friendly and it is also free. You should start designing the PCB Board with the PCB Artist.

Design Spark PCB

So far till now, design spark PCB is the world’s popular PCB design software. This software is incredibly fresh and very easy to access. You will find it a lot easy to use and while you use this software continuously, you will learn it more precisely.  

The software continually updates so that improvements can also add. And this improvement leads the designer, bring his or her thoughts of production into the live project. The DesignSpark PCB offers the schematics to capture very easily, layouts improvements, decoratives and designs of the PCB Boards and much more. All of them stored in this software.

PADS (Power PCB)

PADS has another name, and that is ‘Kind of CAD.’ Most of the people use the PADS for the work of CAD. This PADS software is the best software among all the similar EDA. It is straightforward to use, and very quickly you can learn to use the software.

The quality of the designs you will do with this software will never discomfort you comparing to the wg, Allegro. In the present market of the PCB Software, PADS is the only one which was broadly and widely sold. PADS is also compatible with the small business.


There are lots of instruments which is pushing an engineer towards success. In the case of the software platforms, some modular hardware putting vast ecosystem. And to handle that pressure, Ultiboard is the best option. For several applications, Ultiboard provides the best prototype environment of a rapid PCB.

The Ultiboard includes the integration of seamless. It takes a short time to develop and also consumes very low electricity. With this software, you can do schematics of the complete circuit, the layout of the PCB, simulation of SPIC. People who have started using Ultiboard software, they are still using it.

Express PCB

Are you new to the field of PCB Designs? Well! Do you have any idea how to do these designs and all? Well! Leave it. You don’t need to know anything about them. I have mentioned everything about the PCB Software and if you are asking for the PCB Boards.Check it out.

No matter you are a newbie in designing the PCB board or you are an experienced designer. The ExpressPCB will help you in either way. This platform includes a straightforward design for printing multiple types of circuit boards. In short, while working with this platform, you can also learn lots of new things.

You will find lots of various kinds of features in this software, which is enough to worth your project. This software would be the best choice for handling personal projects.

Well! Till now you have got the best options and facilities. If you are still reading the content, then you had enough resource to get up and start working. So what are you waiting for a buddy? Start using any of this software and make your hands clear on designing the PCB Board.

Final Thought

Creating a design on the PCB Board is hard. We have to design it after thinking about the functions of the components. PCB Software is the only resource to handle the composition of the PCB Board. None other than that, you will not find any other option to do this job.

On the other hand, choosing out PCB Software is also very tough. Therefore, you will get all the best guidance related to the PCB Software in this article. I hope this article was helpful to you as I mentioned a lot of information associated with PCB Software.

Thank you.

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